Re:SPect: Enabling Active and Scalable Responses to Networked Online Harassment

Haesoo Kim, Juhoon Lee, Jeong-woo Jang, Juho Kim

CSCW 2024 (To appear)
The Double-edged Influence of Self-expansion in the Metaverse: A Two-wave Panel Assessment of Identity Perception, Self-esteem and Life Satisfaction

Soeun Yang* , Haesoo Kim*, Minwoo Song, Seunghyun Lee, Jeong-woo Jang

Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
When Does it Become Harassment?: An Investigation of Online Criticism and Calling Out in Twitter

Haesoo Kim, Haeeun Kim, Juho Kim, Jeong-woo Jang

CSCW 2022
Prediction for Retrospection: Integrating Algorithmic Stress Prediction into Personal Informatics Systems for College Students' Mental Health

Taewan Kim, Haesoo Kim, Hayeon Lee, Hwarang Goh, Shakhboz Abdigapporov, Mingon Jeong, Hyunsung Cho, Kyungsik Han, Youngtae Noh, Sung-Ju Lee, Hwajung Hong

CHI 2022
Cocomix: Leveraging Comments to Improve Webtoon Accessibility for Blind or Low Vision Readers

Mina Huh, Yunjung Lee, Dasom Choi, Haesoo Kim, Uran Oh, Juho Kim

CHI 2022
StarryThoughts: Facilitating Diverse Opinion Exploration on Social Issues

Hyunwoo Kim, Haesoo Kim, Kyung Je Jo, Juho Kim

CSCW 2021
Towards an Experience-Centric Paradigm of Online Harassment: Responding to Calling out and Networked Harassment

Haesoo Kim, Juhoon Lee, Juho Kim, Jeong-woo Jang

CHI 2023 Workshop on Combating Toxicity, Harassment, and Abuse in Online Social Spaces
When AI Meets the K-Pop culture: A case study of fans’ perception of AI Private Call

Eun Jeong Kang, Haesoo Kim, Hyunwoo Kim, Juho Kim

NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Cultures in AI/AI in Culture
Learnersourcing Modular and Dynamic Multiple Choice Questions

Haesoo Kim, Inhwa Song, Juho Kim

L@S 2022 Workshop on Learnersourcing Student Generated Content
Play With Your Emotions: Exploring Possibilities of Emotions as Game Input in NERO

Valérie Erb, Tatiana Chibisova, Haesoo Kim, Jeongmi Lee, Young-Yim Doh

CHI 2022 Student Game Competition
The Implementation of MiRO, a Media-as-Place Computer Game

Hyeok Kim, Haesoo Kim, Youngjin Kwon, Hansol Jang, Soomin Lee, Joonhwan Lee

DIS 2019 Provocations and WIPs
Zipsarang: A Social Media Platform to Facilitate Adoption of Abandoned Animals

Haesoo Kim, Hyein Kim, Hyejung Park, Minchang Seok

HCI Korea 2020 Creative Awards