Picture of me with short hair and round glasses, sitting in a meadow with a Dodo bird necklace.
Me, during my Humans of SNU Interview

Hi. I'm Haesoo Kim 😎

I'm a Master's student at KAIST School of Computing, and currently a member of KIXLAB. I'm part of the interdisciplinary track organized by the School of Computing and the Humanities & Social Sciences Department, and am being co-advised by Prof. Juho Kim and Prof. Jeong-woo Jang.

My research interests are focused on Human-Computer Interaction, specifically around social media and how people utilize and interpret such systems. My main focus is on how online spaces changes the way people communicate, and eventually building safe, accessible online spaces. Other interests include interactive narratives, accessible computing, AI/tech ethics, and fandom studies.

Outside of research, I spend my free time reading, singing, playing games and obsessing over something or another. 😉

🗣 Attending FAccT 2022!
Physically attending FAccT 2022! Excited for my first on-site conference :)
🗣 Attending Learning @ Scale 2022
Attending the Learning @ Scale conference virtually, including the Learnersourcing Student Generated Content Workshop where we will present our work on Learnersourcing Modular and Dynamic Multiple Choice Questions.
📝 Paper Accepted to CSCW 2022
May 2022
My paper When Does it Become Harassment?: An Investigation of Online Criticism and Calling Out in Twitter has been accepted to CSCW 2022 after minor revisions!
🏆 Selected for Excellent Edu 4.0Q TA Award
Feb 2022
I have been selected as a recipient for the Excellence in Edu 4.0Q TA Award - 10 recipients from the entire Edu 4.0 program.
Calling out behaviors in online spaces
Observing 'calling-out' behaviors on Twitter in relation to online harassment and determining the similarities and differences between them.
Social identity in the Metaverse
How do identity and social relationships operate in the Metaverse? Exploring how the mediated self affects self-presentation and life satisfaction.
Interactivity in remote education
Facilitating active learning in online environments through the development of learnersourced questions and answers.
Fan-AI interaction
Exploring K-pop fans' perceptions and expectations toward virtual, synthesized representations of a real-life celebrity through UNIVERSE.
Comics A11y
An interactive webtoon reader that leverages user comments to generate rich, scalable and personalizable alternative text in Webtoons.