Stuff that I've been working on

I have worked in various projects in the past, the fields ranging from Game Development to Social Computing Research. This is an iteniary of the projects that I've worked on.

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Currently Working On
Chatbot intervention for increased motivation in MOOCs
DxD Lab Internship research project.
Past Projects
WearHouse poster demo video
2019-Fall Principles and Practices of Software Development term project. More and more people are keeping records of OOTD (outfit-of-the-day) on a daily basis via photo or video, but there is no single service that supports this trend. Wearhouse suggests a simple, intuitive, and systematic way of organizing OOTDs with user-defined tags. The service also pvrovides recommendations on what to wear based on weather data and the user’s outfit history.
The Implementation of MiRO, a Media-as-Place Computer Gameacm dlproject website
Here, we present the idea of media-as-place, as opposed to media as representation, with an interactive computer game MiRO. (DIS 2019 Works In Progress Acceptance)
SBD: Measuring the Pshycological Distance of coming to SNU
2019-Spring Visualization Term Project. What are the elements that factor into how horrible the traffic is to school? How hard is it for everyone to come to school? How far exactly is SNU from everyone's homes? Through this interactive visualization, one can experience the comparison and a more realistic view of how hard coming to school is.
2019-Spring Intro to Web Programming Term project. Interactive website that allows you to 'build' your own cocktails and share it with others, as well as getting recommendations.
DIVE IN view in store
A browser extension using a simple tree visualization of browser tab hierarchies. Developed to ensure organized, clean browser experience (2018 Naver Whale Extension Contest, 3rd Place)
SNU Bamboo Visualization
What do college students think about? Analyzed the SNU Bamboo Grove database using the KoNLPy library and Word2Vec. (Summer 2018 HCI.D Lab internship project)
In light of ‘Fake News’, the hottest term of 2018, we created a twist to the classic business simulator: you’re in it for the money, and the money only. (NDM Winter 2018 Submission)
Concept and background art for the Rhythm-Defense Game OrbEat. Eat up all the orbs of trash before they destroy space!